Scouting Challenges

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Lack of time

51% of innovation executives cite time as a barrier to successful scouting. Efficient scouting requires to navigate a vast and changing ecosystem of potential partners.

Startup qualification

Qualifying startups for partnership is a challenge for any organization. Determining fit and value in a crowded and ever-changing landscape can be a daunting task.

Effective recruitment

Partner recruitment and onboarding is a complex process, often involving many steps, people and actions.

Get It Done With Bloomflow

Partnering for successful outside-in innovation in a crowded ecosystem

Easily launch external challenges

The easiest way to find a partner that fits your business needs is to launch an external challenge. Bloomflow makes it easy to set up and deploy. Selected companies will enter the qualification process  seamlessly.

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Scout with AI

Simplify scouting with Gen-AI

Meet AI Scout, your ultimate companion for start exploration. Use our self-serve scouting tool integrated into the Bloomflow platform. Get visibility into the presence of startups within your partner portfolio and seamlessly add new, relevant startups with ease. 

Automatically enrich partner data

Bloomflow automatically enriches new and existing partner data with up-to-date information from Crunchbase and Pitchbook. Enjoy Instant access to key company insights: funding, org changes, press and more.

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They Accelerate Their Scouting With Bloomflow

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