Ideation Obstacles

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Low user adoption and engagement

Are convoluted or heavy processes preventing your employees from participating in idea campaigns? Our simplified user experience ensures higher adoption and engagement.

Lack of connectivity to turn an idea into next steps for evaluation

Is your idea management software fully integrated with your innovation management platform? Switching between tools means lost time and data silos.

With decentralized innovation, BUs need resources to get started fast

As innovation becomes more decentralized, business units need guidance to easily launch idea challenges. We offer built-in best-practices to get up and running quickly.

Get It Done With Bloomflow

Internal innovation challenges to engage employees

Quickly launch challenges among a targeted audience of employees

Leverage pre-built templated based on best practices from the world’s most innovative companies. Engage a specific group of employees. Make it a time-bound challenge or opt for ongoing participation.

Ideation campaign Bloomflow
Collect ideas Bloomflow

Effortlessly collect employee ideas, comments, & votes

Employees can easily share their ideas and needs, collaborate with others by commenting, and upvote favorite ideas within a centralized space that’s branded for your organization.

Review & qualify ideas, converting the most promising ones into projects within Bloomflow

Evaluate popularity and engagement. Translate promising ideas into projects or link to existing ones in your Bloomflow platform.

From ideas to projects
Collect ideas Bloomflow

Close the feedback loop

Keep employees informed with email notifications regarding their idea submissions and enable them to track their submission status on the challenge page.

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They Elevate The Voice of Their Employees With Bloomflow

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Sam Dover - Unilever V2 Idea Management
Sam Dover - Unilever V2 Idea Management
Bloomflow provides an integrated approach to managing our diverse innovation portfolio, fostering collaboration between start-ups, academia, incubators, and VCs. With the introduction of the new idea management portal with its user-friendly and simplified experience, we are finally able to streamline our ideation process, harness data-driven insights, and promote open communication at scale ultimately contributing to a more effective and informed innovation strategy.

Sam Dover / Global AI Strategy Lead at Unilever

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