The future
will be blooming

In a world of complexity and constant change, innovation is needed now more than ever.

The organizations with the resources to shift global challenges have a responsibility to make a difference by keeping their business relevant and aligned with a sustainable future. That’s why we enable corporations, NGOs, public entities and other large organizations to innovate for a blooming future: a future where organizations use collaborative innovation to generate impact for themselves and for the world. 

To enable this transformation towards a blooming future, we have given ourselves the mission to provide organizations with a SaaS platform to innovate at scale and generate impact.

At Bloomflow, we believe:

1. Innovation is the mean, impact is the goal

Impact is the goal

We believe everything you do should aim at generating impact. To do so, you must define what impact you want to generate and how to measure it. In the short term that means innovating to optimize your current business model. In the long term, it’s re-inventing the way you operate to make sure the value you generate is aligned with a more global, positive impact.

Impact is the goal
Innovation is methodology

2. Collaboration is key to innovate at scale and at speed

Innovation is methodology

The world’s greatest challenges cannot be taken on alone. New, sustainable solutions will emerge when ecosystems - startups, corporations, and academics - collaborate. Organizations with the resources, institutional knowledge, and processes have an opportunity to step up as orchestrators to mobilize ecosystems to solve challenges in a way that also creates business impact.

3. Innovation isn’t magic, it’s methodology

Collaboration is key

To innovate at scale, innovation must be treated as a process that is diffused across the organization. And information must be centralized and united by common methodology. This makes it possible to identify which ecosystems perform the best and systematically capture emerging opportunities.

Collaboration is key

We’ll connect you to your innovation ecosystem

Innovating to meet ever-evolving business challenges is no simple task. In addition to continuous support from our Customer Success team, our growing network of preferred partners can help you deliver additional value. Clients have access to our Strategic Partnerships Director who can recommend the right partner populate your innovation portfolio, streamline your innovation processes, or other services and products which can integrate into our solution and your information system.

They’re innovating on Bloomflow

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We go big

Our mission to help organizations innovate at scale spans the globe and spans industries. We won’t stop until collaborative innovation has solved the world’s biggest challenges.

We find new paths

We know why we’re here and the future we want to help build. Innovation is embedded in how we work and we aren’t afraid to do things differently in order to fulfill our mission.

We engage deeply

We care deeply about what we do because our product is used to tackle the issues that matter most. That is why we take time to understand and build deep relationships with our clients and our people.

We grow together

We all have something to learn from each other. That’s why we value diversity and transparency across innovation ecosystems, the bloomflow team, and our clients so we can learn and grow together.

Our history

Bloomflow logo

Innovation and collaboration have been a part of our DNA since our creation in 2016. Built by entrepreneurs, the first version of our SaaS platform took the form of a startup management tool for corporations.

The platform was quickly adopted by multinational corporations who were able to generate more value from working with startups thanks to increased efficiency and clear communication. Since then, we’ve kept expanding our product features to improve how organizations of all kinds work with their internal and external ecosystems.

Our name, Bloomflow, to reflects our conviction that collaborative innovation is the best mean for organizations to achieve impact for a blooming future. Our SaaS platform is recognized as a best-in-class innovation management tool used by 60 organizations across 90+ countries. We are a passionate, international team headquartered in Paris.

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