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Frustrated by the lack of tools to foster innovation culture and effectively manage new projects?

The top challenges listed by innovation leaders or managers are siloed information, limited resources and ecosystem complexity. There is one single cause: relying on multiple & different business tools like Excel, project management or MS Teams.

It leads to frustration and a sense of a big waste. Bloomflow is an end-to-end innovation platform where you can manage your entire innovation cycle from idea and scouting to partners relationships and project automation. We’ve got you covered!

What Bloomflow Does For You

Make innovation culture the new normal

You cannot foster an innovation culture with a project management tool. Bloomflow has been designed by innovators for innovation teams. It allows collaboration, contribution and sharing of innovation ideas, projects, expertise or news.

Remove frictions across the innovation cycle

Innovation projects often fail due to overwhelming manual tasks, complex data management and lack of communication. Rely on a range of powerful automation tools, like workflows, automated notifications, and data enrichment. Remove friction to focus on what really counts: launching more successful projects with ease.

Measure your actions. Prove your impact

As an innovation leader, you need to finely monitor all the existing projects while proving the overall business impact to the entire organization. Bloomflow empowers you with personalized dashboards and actionable insights to optimize your innovation projects and drive business-led decisions. So that you can demonstrate the strategic impact of the innovation team.

Make an Impact With Bloomflow



of redundant tasks & initiatives


of your innovation community


with startups
Maria Messina
Maria Messina
Now I can map startup ecosystems faster. My team and I were looking for an innovative AI startup, and within a few clicks, I was able to find qualified technology partners on our Bloomflow platform to supplement my local scouting efforts.

Italy Startup Ecosystem Leader at Capgemini Ventures

Why Bloomflow?

Trusted by more than 120k users in 90 countries

Why Bloomflow
  • End-to-end for business-driven innovation
  • Foster innovation culture across all business units
  • Deploy within 2 weeks with dedicated innovation experts
  • Scale effortlessly with an enterprise-grade platform
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