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Bloomflow empowers innovation experts and business unit leaders to tackle their most critical challenges. Find new ideas, scout new startups, manage partner portfolios and monitor your innovation projects.

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Collaborative Innovation at Scale

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The Innovation Management Platform to Leverage Technologies and Partnerships


The end-to-end platform for your innovation needs

Collect ideas, launch challenges, scout for solutions, manage startup relationships, and monitor projects.


Remove friction across your organization

No more duplicating tasks, contacts or projects. Leverage automation to bring consistency and efficiency to your innovation practice.

User centric

Successfully manage your innovation projects

Collaborate effectively and rely on actionable insights to monitor projects. Go from POC to full-scale deployment faster than ever.

Trailblazing Innovation Capabilities

Generate and manage new ideas to solve your business challenges

With Bloomflow, turn ideas into solution-driven projects. The platform makes ideation easy. Capture, evaluate, and prioritize ideas from anyone inside or outside your organization.


Key Features

Build a community

Identify in-house experts to collaborate. Share, tag, and bring in the right people in at the right stage.

Ideation hub

Gather pain points and insights from across your organization. Selected reviewers can then qualify, group, and launch projects to address them.

Hot topics

Turn your homepage into a knowledge hub to drive awareness on strategic topics, successful projects, or ongoing initiatives.


Accelerate scouting for innovative solutions

Leverage AI and tap into a wide range of resources to identify new technologies, business models, and approaches that can accelerate innovation and drive growth. Whether they're startups, research institutions, or companies, build the perfect pipeline of partners.

Implement methodology

Key Features

Launch challenges

Launch challenges to welcome startups into your ecosystem with a single point of entry and customized URL.

Next-gen scouting

Benefit from AI-assisted search in your Bloomflow platform for personalized suggestions. Add new solutions or opportunities to your portfolio in a click.

Mobile app

Use Bloomflow anytime, anywhere. Consult your portfolio and add new partners on the go.

Easily map and manage your partner portfolios

With Bloomflow, managing your startups, vendors, VCs or academics relationships has never been easier. Easily build a unified and qualified database with all the information you need about companies, people, or projects. Data is automatically enriched by the provider of your choice. Streamline your workflows and save time.


Key Features

Unified database

Keep all your information in a single, shared database. Forget about data silos or scattered Excel files.

Dynamic data enrichment

Your partner data is updated daily from Crunchbase, PitchBook, or provider of your choice.

Tags and labels

Structure your data by strategic topics with parent and child tags. Quickly find what you’re looking for, and the status on any project.

Remove friction

Automate your innovation processes

Streamline and automate your innovation workflows, eliminating manual tasks. The platform provides a range of powerful automation tools including configurable workflows, notifications, and data enrichment. Simplify the process to let your teams focus on driving innovation.

Implement methodology

Key Features

Customizable workflows

Define standardized processes by team or type of partner to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction.

Shared portfolios

Harness collective intelligence. See what others teams are working on and learn from their successes.

Track partner interactions

Automatically store emails, documents, and interactions with partners on your platform.

Manage your innovation projects across teams

Keep track of your projects across business units and topics. Configure workflows to meet each team's goals, define key milestones, and manage roles and permissions across portfolios.

Manage your projects

Key Features

Tasks lists & reminders

Establish clear milestones to ensure teams collaborate securely with external partners from first contact to POC.

Customized workflows

Use Bloomflow’s available templates or customize your workflows to match your business processes.

Confidentiality options

Define who can view, edit, or create information. Share innovative projects widely or limit access to a specific group: you decide.


Actionable insights to pilot your ideas, partners & projects

Dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your innovation projects and ecosystems, allowing you to track progress against KPIs and identify successes and bottlenecks. Whatever your role, Bloomflow delivers actionable insights to optimize innovation projects and drive strategic decisions.  

Implement methodology

Key Features

Real-time dashboards

Harness the power of real-time data for a single view on your innovation projects and partnerships.

Actionable analytics

Identify bottlenecks, back your decisions with data, and take action.

Flexible analytics

Benefit from out-of-the-box customizable reports and dashboards. Or, build custom dashboards with the BI tool of your choice.

Integrated With Your Enterprise Solutions

Bloomflow provides out-of-the-box connectors, web hooks, and documented APIs to integrate your innovation platform into your existing enterprise solutions. Keep information flowing across tools and teams.

Logos Integration
Logos Integration

Implement Fast with Innovation Experts & Proven Methodology


Our innovation experts are a dedicated team of professionals who accompany our clients in deploying the Bloomflow platform in as little as 2 weeks.

They work closely with you to set priorities and ensure successful adoption of the platform across teams.

With their deep understanding of innovation best practices, our innovation experts empower our clients to drive collaborative growth.

Security & Compliance by Design

Flexible Architecture

Choose from different cloud providers and countries (including AWS, OVH, and Azure) to match your requirements, while guaranteeing complete isolation of your data.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Safe authentication and user management allows employees to log in using company credentials from a single and central directory using all standard protocols (Saml2/ADFS, OIDC, oAuth 2, etc).


The platform is fully encrypted at rest and in transit using the highest standards, and is completely isolated between customers. We have passed and regularly performed penetration tests and are trusted by highly regulated industries such as defense, banking, and healthcare.

Service-Level Agreement

Our SLA standards comply with the most demanding B2B software standards on the market.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Define user roles (Admin, Contributor, Read-Only), with various privileges to ensure confidentiality and compliance.

ISO 27001 and Compliance

The platform is certified ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, covering our entire business. We are GDPR compliant: record of data processing activities, no data transfer outside of the EU, encryption and high data safety standards, etc.

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