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AI Scout is your new best friend in startup discovery. It leverages generative AI to accelerate your scouting efforts and pinpoint tailored solutions to address your business needs.

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Self-Serve Scouting within your Bloomflow Platform

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Streamline Scouting in a Noisy Ecosystem

Say goodbye to information overload! With AI Scout, navigating the bustling startup ecosystem is a breeze. Tailored results based on complex requests enable you to swiftly cut through the marketing noise and pinpoint what truly matters. If you’re new to a particular sector, leverage the tool to get a preliminary understanding and jumpstart your search. Most importantly, seamlessly reference your Bloomflow portfolio and effortlessly add new startups to your radar.

Save Time by Reducing Manual Work

Time is precious, so why waste it on mundane tasks? AI Scout liberates you from manual work like sifting through marketing websites to find differentiators, manually copy-and-pasting data,  or cross-referencing Bloomflow to see if a startup already exists. Redirect your energy towards what truly matters—building and fostering partnerships and relationships that drive success.

Verify Startups and Automate Data Entry

With AI Scout, adding a new startup to your portfolio has never been easier. It verifies startups through trusted sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. But here's the best part: when you're adding a new startup, AI Scout automatically pre-fills the relevant fields by leveraging data sources and AI. This means you can create comprehensive profiles in a fraction of the time, with minimal manual effort.

Option to Expand your Scouting Efforts

Collaboration fuels innovation. With AI Scout, you can empower your team, internal subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to contribute interesting startups and technologies for pre-evaluation — all within a self-serve manner. Amplify your scouting efforts and uncover innovative solutions together!

Here's how it works: 

1. Ask a question or give a command.

From within Bloomflow, engage with AI Scout via a user-friendly chat experience with prompts to initiate your search. i.e., “Give me a list of AI startups that address lowering carbon emissions.”

Ideation campaign Bloomflow
Ideation campaign Bloomflow

2. Get a curated list of startups.

A list of startups is presented in an easy-to-read spreadsheet-like format. The results are automatically cross-referenced with your Bloomflow portfolio so you know which startups already exist within your platform or are brand-new. Results are verified with reliable sources like Crunchbase and LinkedIn.

3. Refine the results to meet your needs.

Narrow your search results with follow-up questions or commands in the chat (i.e., “Only include startups founded in 2020 or after''), add columns to the results like “key differentiators”, or easily narrow results down with filters.

Ideation campaign Bloomflow
Ideation campaign Bloomflow

4. Add relevant startups to your portfolio.

Seamlessly add new startups to your portfolio. AI-suggested fields are automatically pushed into the profile to streamline the creation process, including AI-suggested tags. Review profile fields that were automatically pre-filled by our data sources and AI. 

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