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Streamline your investment process, align your priorities with business units needs, and integrate with your deal flow solution - all-in-one platform.
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Need to build portfolios of investment opportunities that align with your organization’s strategy and investment thesis?

As a corporate venture capital leader, you may face challenges in developing a streamlined process for evaluating potential investments against your criteria.

It can be difficult to ensure your investment and business units are aligned on investment priorities, and syncing with your dealflow platform can be time-consuming.

With Bloomflow, make more informed investment decisions, build stronger portfolios of investment opportunities, and increase your chances of success in the highly competitive world of corporate venture capital.

What Bloomflow Does For You

All your investment projects in one place

Centralize all your investment projects, keeping them at your fingertips. With everything in one place, it's easy to build and manage your portfolios of investment opportunities.

A single platform to align investments priorities with BUs needs

Align your investment priorities with business unit needs in one platform. With Bloomflow, you can ensure all teams are aware of potential partners in their dealflow, and receive notifications when employees interact with partners you're considering for investment.

Seamless integration with your dealflow solution

Integrate Bloomflow seamlessly with your existing dealflow solution and maximize your investment opportunities. Say goodbye to switching between different platforms and focus on making informed investment decisions with ease.

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Why Bloomflow
  • End-to-end business-driven innovation
  • Foster innovation culture across all business units
  • Deploy within 2 weeks with dedicated innovation experts
  • Scale effortlessly with an enterprise-grade platform
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