Portfolio Management Challenges

Hands typing on a computer

Loss of data

Keep your innovation memory safe with Bloomflow: Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel.

Time-consuming reporting

With Bloomflow's organized data structure, don’t spend time reporting, save it for innovating.

Getting lost in translation

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to collaboration. With Bloomflow, build a shared innovation framework to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to partners.

Get It Done With Bloomflow

Building a resilient organization through efficient ecosystem partnerships

Forget about Excel conundrum with a unified partner database

Collaborating with Excel across multiple teams and geographies is a nightmare. Say goodbye to messy data and hello to Bloomflow.

Replace Excel worksheets with Bloomflow
Automatically enriched partner information

Effortlessly discover the right partners with Bloomflow's automatically updated information

Quickly search and access up-to-date innovation data with Bloomflow, using keywords, technology, tags and more, without any manual updates needed.

Describe your portfolio in your own words

Your innovation language, your way. Bloomflow's customized filters, tags, and labels give you the power to navigate your portfolios with ease and provide a familiar environment to your team.

Portfolio tag tree
Bloomflow mobile app

Empower teams to collaborate, anytime, anywhere

60% of internet traffic is now on mobile. With Bloomflow's native mobile app, your team can access the platform anytime, anywhere, from their smartphone.

They Manage Their Portfolios With Bloomflow

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