Bloomflow at Viva Tech 2023: Where Business Meets Innovation

Bloomflow at Viva Tech 2023: Where Business Meets Innovation
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This year, Viva Tech celebrated its 7th edition with astonishing numbers, including over 150,000 attendees from 174 countries, 2,800 exhibitors, 2,400 startups, and an impressive lineup of over 450 speakers.It is undoubtedly the perfect convergence of groundbreaking ideas, transformative technologies, and endless possibilities.

The event embodies Bloomflow's mission of business meeting innovation, showcasing our dedication to fostering collaboration for a promising future. Our team had the opportunity to share insights in panel discussions, connect with thought leaders from diverse industries, and forge partnerships that will drive innovation in the years to come.

Insights from Corporate Innovators 

Step into Viva Tech live and watch firsthand as L’Oreal, Capgemini, JCDecaux, Ecosys, and EIT Food team members share their insights on: 

  • Trends at Viva Tech 2023
  • Why they decided to participate 
  • Coolest things they saw at the event
  • Why they innovate

Corporate innovators attend Viva Tech with various missions. Whether it is to discover great start-ups or solutions, meet clients face-to-face, or launch a new product, Viva Tech serves as a hub where they can fulfill their diverse objectives.

Our Take   

Throughout the event, Bloomflow team members were sent on a mission to discover top innovations. Among the abundance of great ideas, here are a few startups we found interesting: 

NeoPlant- created bio-engineered house plants that absorb 10x more indoor air pollution than regular plants. Their goal is to transition to outdoor environments and establish bio-engineered forests for larger-scale carbon absorption.

Arcade For Good- creatively blends arcade games with philanthropy to engage young people in charitable causes. Despite their young age, they have achieved significant success, showcasing determination and a unique approach.

Notpla- focuses on sustainable packaging and aims to "make packaging disappear." They utilize algae-based membranes for liquid products, offering tasteless and odorless packaging with a favorable shelf life. 

Wedooit- gives IT materials a second life for corporate use by promoting their reuse before they are discarded. They offer low carbon solutions for sustainable IT, emphasizing the circular economy to maximize the value of your IT equipment.

Listen Leon- enhances company culture and fosters improved relationships within teams. They achieve this through their innovative app that enables the sending of anonymous compliments among team members.

We hope to see you next year at Viva Tech 2024!