Introducing Idea Management into Bloomflow’s Innovation Management Platform

Introducing Idea Management into Bloomflow’s Innovation Management Platform
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Paris – Bloomflow is proud to announce the launch of its Idea Management solution, designed to maximize user adoption and engagement among employees and to transform qualified ideas into promising innovation projects.

In today's fast-paced business environment, large enterprises face the challenge of constant transformation. Merely relying on a top-down strategy won’t cut it: teams need to be empowered to fuel this strategy with their in the field knowledge and then actually make it happen.

The need for effective idea generation and management tools that put teams and the user experience at the core has never been greater. Today, many organizations struggle with low user engagement and the challenge of having a long list of ideas and no action afterwards.

Recognizing these pain points, Bloomflow launched its brand-new Idea Management module– the first user-centric solution specifically designed to guide ideas from inception to execution.

Bloomflow Idea Management offers a suite of features tailored to empower teams and streamline the innovation process:

  • Run time-bound or ongoing internal challenges: Create customized challenges to spark creativity and collaboration among employees.
  • Leverage best-practice templates: Benefit from pre-built templates inspired by leading innovators for rapid onboarding and valuable guidance.
  • Target select audiences: Directly engage specific groups within your organization to focus ideation efforts and maximize impact.
  • Empower employees: Foster a culture of innovation by providing a simple and engaging platform for idea sharing, collaboration, and voting.
  • Review and qualify ideas: Seamlessly progress ideas through the evaluation process to ensure that the most promising ideas receive the attention they deserve.
  • Close the feedback loop: Keep employees informed with notifications regarding their idea submission and enable them to track their submission.
  • Implement the most promising ideas: Effortlessly transition validated ideas into actionable projects, streamlining the idea-to-project progression process.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize user adoption and engagement: With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Bloomflow empowers higher levels of participation and engagement across all levels of tech expertise.
  • Fully integrated into Bloomflow’s innovation management platform, Bloomflow facilitates efficient idea progression, enabling organizations to move from concept to execution with ease.
  • Scalability: Bloomflow offers an easy-to-use solution that you can get started with quickly and grow with over time. 

Hear from Unilever, a new client who recently added Bloomflow Idea Management to their platform:

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