Introducing AI Scout, Powered by GenAI, to Drive Scouting Efficiency

Introducing AI Scout, Powered by GenAI, to Drive Scouting Efficiency
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Paris - Bloomflow, a leading enterprise innovation management platform, announces the launch of AI Scout, a self-serve scouting solution available directly within its platform to drive efficiency. 

AI Scout is powered by generative AI to streamline scouting processes, enabling users to efficiently pinpoint startups that align with their specific business needs. By minimizing manual tasks such as startup verification and dreadful data entry, AI Scout lightens the load for innovation teams and others responsible for scouting activities, empowering them to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

"We see this happening at every major event, from Vivatech to CES to London Tech Week, partnerships between large enterprises and startups continue to grow. Whether it’s for venture clienting, CVC investments, or simple B2B partnerships, finding the right solution can be very challenging in this noisy ecosystem," says Raphaël Guillet, CPO.

"With innovation becoming increasingly decentralized, teams often don’t have the expertise and frameworks to identify startups that can help solve their problems. When we created AI Scout, we wanted to empower these teams with guidance and a massive efficiency boost in their scouting work. They engage with AI Scout using natural language, get support to refine, rank, and qualify solutions and effortlessly add them to their partner portfolio."

AI Scout is seamlessly integrated into the Bloomflow platform, offering users a user-friendly chat experience to initiate searches, receive curated results, and refine selections based on their needs.

"We're super excited to announce our first big launch driven by AI. We've been experimenting with different models, making sure they're just right in terms of performance and usefulness while ensuring that our clients can safely use them,” says Ghislain de Juvigny, CTO at Bloomflow.

“Introducing AI Scout—we're really proud of it. And guess what? It's just the start! We've got a whole bunch of AI powered features lined up, all built on the solid technical base we've been working on with LLMs over the past few months.”

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined Scouting: Cut through the noise of the bustling startup ecosystem with tailored results based on complex queries, facilitating swift decision-making.
  • Time Savings: Liberate yourself from manual tasks like sifting through marketing websites and blogs, verifying the legitimacy of startups, and cross-referencing your existing partner portfolio, redirecting your focus towards building impactful partnerships.
  • Automated Data Entry: Ensure data accuracy and reliability with automatic pre-filling of relevant fields, reducing the time needed to create new startup profiles.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Foster innovation by empowering internal subject matter experts to contribute to scouting efforts, amplifying the search for innovative solutions.

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