Scale Innovation Across Teams With New Roles & Permissions

Scale Innovation Across Teams With New Roles & Permissions
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Transparency is key to a thriving innovation culture. We’re introducing new features with roles and permissions. Share portfolios securely with the right teams at the click of a button.

Define groups

Create and manage groups that reflect how teams are structured in your organization. Whether they’re based on departments, regions, or temporary initiatives, you have the flexibility to manage users in the way that suits you best.

Groups can be private or public so you can allow users to join the innovation communities that suit them best, or implement a governance that keeps information secure.

Define access to portfolios

Now you can grant access to specific areas in your portfolios with permissions ranging from view-only to contributor or creator, and administrator (can grant access to others).

For example, you can keep IT projects viewable to all users, but keep editing permission only for the IT team.

Give temporary access to specific portfolio items

Need to temporarily invite a colleague to participate on a project or relationship in your portfolio? Simply navigate to the item you’d like to share and grant them the appropriate level of access.

Innovation is a process that happen throughout an organization. So to support your teams' efforts, Bloomflow's new features allow you to confidently add data and manage who can view or edit it.
Raphael Guillet / CTO & Co-founder at Bloomflow

Team leaders and admins can use these new tools to keep information running smoothly and safely in Bloomflow no matter how large.

If you're interested in learning more about this feature and how it can benefit your business, reach out to our team.