What Is It Like to Join Bloomflow featuring Tom

What Is It Like to Join Bloomflow featuring Tom
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Briefly introduce yourself and what you do at Bloomflow

My name is Tom and I work in Customer Success at Bloomflow. I came from the UK Government, where I worked for five years as a civil servant. I was in the Cabinet Office, which many people called the brain of government, because it was all about coordinating other departments. 

There are some similarities with what I’m doing here! I work with basically every team, as well as directly with our clients, to ensure our end users are getting as much value as possible out of Bloomflow.

It’s a stimulating mix of proactive strategic thinking, reactive problem-solving, and execution of initiatives that help our clients make innovation happen, whatever their definition of innovation is. 

Describe your onboarding process when you joined Bloomflow

When I arrived at Bloomflow just over a year ago, I had the best onboarding experience in my career so far. The support was excellent, honestly. I was given a custom built program in Notion designed to educate me on all aspects of the company, the people, and the way it works. I felt like I was back at school, in a good way! 

I had a checklist of interesting documents to read, people to meet, as well as an in-depth overview and demos of all of the products we use internally. I also was given access to a lot of the materials that form the underlying philosophy and principles of Bloomflow and the world of innovation. The information I consumed during that time was extraordinary, but I had the support to make sure I could digest it and use it well. I immediately felt like I was part of something special and a place that wanted me to succeed. 

What was also brilliant is that I was able to very quickly start sitting in on client calls and learning from the people who use our product. This was really helpful, and a great source of knowledge so early on.

What was your favorite part of the onboarding process and why?

My favorite part was the meetings with different team members where you got to deep dive on specific parts of the company and processes. As someone new to the world of startups, each meeting revealed a new tool, way of thinking, or subject matter that was totally new to me. The amount of knowledge I gained from these meetings was simply massive. And the people were incredibly generous with their time and understanding of my countless questions. 

How does our onboarding process reflect our company culture? What is it like working at Bloomflow?

The onboarding process reflects the culture in the sense that you immediately feel the warmth, energy and imagination of the people working here. It was clear right away to me that I was somewhere with a great and productive energy. And also somewhere where the level of ambition is really high. And that feels brilliant. 

The other noticeable thing from the onboarding is the interdependence between everyone and all the teams. This perhaps sounds a little obvious - of course employees & teams are dependent on one another - but I remember picking up a real feeling that the teams and individuals knew that they were part of something bigger, and that they were incredibly collaborative. And that feeling has only been vindicated over time. 

Overall, working at Bloomflow is an increasingly stimulating experience. You are working every day with smart, imaginative and passionate people, which is a gift. We’re working on a big mission and you can feel the ambition all around you. There is an unbelievable sense of cordiality and collaboration, too. You feel part of something great. And you feel that people want you to succeed. And all of that creates an environment where you learn, you have fun, and you do something useful.