My Professional Journey at Bloomflow featuring Elodie

My Professional Journey at Bloomflow featuring Elodie
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After a few years working in Finance, I joined Bloomflow as a Customer Success Manager. I realized that my favorite part of the job was working with the tech team to find solutions to our clients’ challenges, so I decided to transition to a Product Manager role. I was supported by the company in this big change, and attended a four-week intensive training in product management with Noé. It’s been one of the best career decisions I’ve taken so far, and I’ve now been at Bloomflow for more than 4 years!

A typical day in the product team

What I like about Product is that it places you at the crossroads of tech, business, and strategy. 

As I work closely with my tech squad, we start every morning with a meeting to share our objectives of the day. Then I might have a discussion with our Chief Product Officer on the next feature to include in our roadmap, or with Bruno, our Product Designer, to review some mockups. 

I often speak with our clients to understand their daily jobs and how we can design features that meet their needs. Internally, I often speak with the Sales & Customer Success teams to showcase new features to demo.

What happens for sure every day is lunchtime: we have a lot of foodies at Bloomflow and an incredible amount of cool restaurants to test out in the area. Surely one of the best moments of the day! 

Bloomflow culture

I think what makes Bloomflow great is its people, and we are exceptionally lucky to work with smart, kind and talented people every day. So I think the culture at Bloomflow is very human, caring, and humble. There’s a team spirit you can feel during the events we throw in the office.

We even have Cultureflow, a rotating team of volunteers whose mission is to make life at Bloomflow enjoyable for every bloomie. They’ve been doing a great job, from organizing Halloween challenges to throwing our annual holiday party, hiding Easter eggs around the office, and hosting happy hours. During my term, I helped organize a virtual holiday party during COVID19.

And beyond official Cultureflow activities, bloomies launch their own initiatives. We’ve cheered on our football team, Bloomchester FC, organized yoga sessions through our Gymlib subscriptions covered by the company, and regularly organize outings and film discussions. As the team is so multicultural and curious, it makes for fun days in and out of the office!

If you’re thinking about joining Bloomflow, I encourage you to come meet the team, and make up your own mind! I believe that people are really what makes a difference.