Bloomflow at Hub Berlin 2023: Forging Collaborative Innovation in Germany

Bloomflow at Hub Berlin 2023: Forging Collaborative Innovation in Germany
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In its 10th edition, Hub Berlin drew over 5,000 attendees including entrepreneurs, C-level executives, investors, and technology enthusiasts, who were brought together to discuss the digital future throughout this two day event. 

Our Take

Among the many great ideas presented by the exhibitors, some of them particularly caught our attention: 

Deutsche Telekom’s initiatives for Sustainability

The brand shared its commitment to the circular economy and recycling initiatives and shared examples of resource reuse. One of these allows smartphone owners to look for old cell phones at home and to bring them to the Telekom Magenta shop. The repurchase value of the returned cell phones is donated and has enabled the planting of approximately 4000 trees in 2022 alone.

Yamaha’s experiential installation “Kando” 

Hub Berlin is renowned for its innovation and creativity with a significant portion of the event dedicated to digital art. Yamaha’s experimentation was one of the elements and our team had an interesting opportunity to participate in an installation that captured the essence of Kando. 

Kando is a Japanese word for simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that are experienced when we encounter something of exceptional value. The installation was a game that allowed two players to experience Kando at the same time, through non-verbal and intuitive communication between each other. 

The startup “Neue Fische” 

Established in 2018, Neue Fische has been at the forefront of training career changers through short-format boot camps, equipping them with the skills needed in the IT industry and connecting with exciting employers. It also helps identify talent within the existing workforce in order to further qualify them for IT professions with a future.

Roundtable on Generative AI

We attended a roundtable discussion on the competitive advantage of AI for enterprises. Featuring perspectives from corporates, politicians, and scale-ups, the roundtable highlighted that Europe has the data to be strong player in this field provided these players can effectively collaborate together. The AI revolution will continue to impact markets and corporations across sectors are keen to explore how it can be used to their advantage. Hence the need for more collaboration with tech ecosystems.

The discussion featured Christine Wang from Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Anna Christmann for the Digital Economy and Startups at Bundestag, and Christopher Kränzler from Lengoo.

Our key takeaways 

At the event, we had the pleasure of witnessing the profound impact of the Bloomflow platform in driving innovation to the market. As a company dedicated to fostering innovation ecosystems, we gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by German innovators.

It was inspiring to see how our platform plays a role in bringing innovation to the market as well as collaborating IRL with several German companies and corporate innovators such as Hella and BASF. This experience furthered our understanding of their needs and allowed us to forge partnerships with industry leaders, expanding our network and sharing knowledge.

Hub Berlin's location added to the excitement of the event. It took place in an unconventional setting that combined art, yoga, a biergarten, and even a nightclub creating an overall vibrant atmosphere for participants to network. This unique combination of elements is typical for a tech conference in Berlin as it conveys the city’s spirit.

Being physically present in our strategic markets is a top priority for us, and this event provided a great opportunity to do so. We had the privilege of meeting current customers, partners, and key stakeholders in the German innovation field, including organizations like the Fraunhofer Institute and SAP. These interactions hold potential for exciting innovation opportunities, fueling our commitment to making a lasting impact in the market.

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