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From driving digital transformation to exploring new business opportunities or practicing CVC, discover the top use cases from our community.

Bloomflow Platform Results

3x faster
Speed up your innovation funnel with better qualified portfolios
3x sourcing quality
of innovation partners through external exposure strategy
Reduce redundant initiatives
2x business impact
from projects to meet evolving core business challenges
Grow your innovation community by 5

Digital Drive Transformation

Prepare teams for the future of work.

Use Bloomflow to identify and build innovation communities. Gather needs from any employee and source the right solutions to stay ahead of the game.

Implement methodology

Popular Features

Community Tab

Identify in-house experts to see who is collaborating on which topics. Share, tag, and bring the right people in at the right time.

Needs Portal

Customize a form to gather pain points and insights from any employee. Selected reviewers can then qualify, group, and address them.


Use the homepage as a communication hub to drive awareness on strategic topics, successful projects, or ongoing initiatives

Bookmarks, Notifications

Keep track of your favorite partners and projects, be notified of their latest updates, or program a weekly recap on recent activities.

Accelerate R&D and Innovation

Leverage ecosystems to shorten time-to-market.

Take a structured approach to identifying, managing, and mobilizing external partners. Bloomflow enables you to launch collaborations faster and achieve more with your ecosystems.

Popular Features

Customizable Workflows

Define standardized processes by team or type of partner to ensure all teams are moving in the right direction.

Shared Portfolios

Collaborate on shared portfolios, visualizing instantly how your internal contacts, partners, and projects are connected.

Themes, Tags, Labels

Structure your data by strategic themes with parent and child tags. Quickly find what you’re looking for, and the status on any project.

Actionable Analytics

Identify bottlenecks and see where your innovation funnel is slowing down to make sure all projects are moving at the right pace.

Orchestrate Decentralized Innovation

Empower business units across your organization.

Use Bloomflow as a repository of all ecosystem relationships and ongoing innovation projects. Keep group-level strategy aligned with on-the-ground initiatives with a 360° view of innovation, no matter where teams are.

Implement methodology

Popular Features

Needs Portal

Customize a form to gather pain points and insights from any employee. Selected reviewers can then qualify, group, and address them.

Shared Portfolios

Harness the collective intelligence through shared portfolios of partners and projects. See what other units are working on and learn from their successes.

Quick Exports

Create and automate shareable reports with data from your platform to highlight successful partnerships or ongoing projects.

Share, Follow, Bookmark

Follow projects or partners you’d like to stay updated on or share them with colleagues. Curate your own bookmarks for quick access.

Generate New Business Opportunities

Use innovation as an engine for growth.

Map emerging ecosystems and assess new opportunities. Then take action by launching projects and ensure the right people are involved at the right time.

Popular Features

Customizable Workflows

Implement processes by team or type of partner to ensure compliance and scalability.


Analyze your portfolio activities to gain actionable insights. Replicate successful strategies or pinpoint any bottlenecks.

Mobile App

Use Bloomflow when scouting on the ground to quickly capture new opportunities or check their relationship status.

Ecosystem Mapping

Track which strategic topics your partners cover and identify areas where they can provide value to your ecosystem.

Manage Startup Relationships

Manage open innovation activities in a single place.

Scout and collaborate with startups. Know who’s talking to whom and ensure teams collaborate in ways that are security compliant and that keep projects moving forward.

Implement methodology

Popular Features

Tasklists, Reminders

Establish clear milestones to ensure teams collaborate securely with external partners from the first contact to POC.

Application Portal

Welcome startups to your ecosystem with a clear point of entry via a public URL to join your ecosystem.

Automatic Enrichment

Automatically retrieve data from Crunchbase or any database of your choice to add startups with only a few clicks.

Email Tracking

Automatically store emails and interactions with startups on your platform and avoid silos or duplicated efforts.

Integrate VC Activities to Corporate Innovation

Sync investment with operations

Share common portfolios with innovation teams while managing your deal flows in confidence. Configure what data to sync so you can promote your startups internally or safeguard sensitive projects.

Popular Features

Deal Flows

Customize your deal flows and monitor the progress of your opportunities across portfolios.

Synced Portfolios

Keep your Venture Capital activity confidential and push only the information you want between teams.

Data Enrichment

Integrations allow you to pull in qualification data from your preferred provider, such as PitchBook or Crunchbase.

News, Financials

Stay aware of any investments, acquisitions, mergers, or major moves with automatically updated news.

The Bloomflow Difference

Premium Service

Your Customer Success Manager helps you achieve your innovation goals. From set-up to continuous platform support and deployment.

Integrated Platform

Track your entire innovation funnel on Bloomflow. From collecting needs to identifying partners to active collaboration, all backed by analytics.

Flexible by Design

Customize your platform to match your culture, structure, and ways of working. Design your processes with internal wording and branding.

User-centric Experience

“Easy, fun, fast” is how users refer to Bloomflow, a modern design that will boost adoption and engage collaborators across your organization.

Get Started Fast

You’ll go through our 7-step onboarding process to set you up for success. We’ll make sure you can be ready to deploy in 2 weeks.

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